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About us

Generative AI and security are poised to make a multi-trillion-dollar impact on the global economy. Aurascape is developing cutting-edge generative AI security solutions that will elevate your organization’s defense against evolving cyber threats, leaking of critical information, and compliance issues fortified by our unparalleled security expertise.
Aurascape was founded in 2024 by a world-class team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists with deep expertise in security, generative AI, and SaaS, from companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Amazon, Google and NVIDIA. The team has a sustained track record of delivering market-leading products that have generated over $10 billion in revenues at multi-billion infrastructure companies and unicorns. The company is well funded by top-tier VC firms and strategic investors, and we have partnered with market leading customers.

We have assembled one of the world’s best teams
combining Security, Generative AI, and SaaS expertise to deliver our solutions.